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  • Geronimo Stilton Academy

    A series of activity books that builds on children’s interest in Geronimo Stilton to develop their literacy skills through carefully crafted exercises.
  • Scholastic My World

    Takes young learners on a delightful journey to learn vocabulary through picture stories.
  • Scholastic In Action

    Boosts learners' vocabulary and language skills with engaging and humorous graphics.
  • Scholastic Learning Express

    A series of colorful activity books designed to motivate learners by making learning accessible and enjoyable.
  • Scholastic Study Smart

    High quality resources developed by teaching professionals that provide opportunities for independent learning. Each workbook is filled with pedagogically sound...
  • Scholastic Learners

    Scholastic Learners

    Provide targeted skills development to meet the different needs of learners, be it for school use or independent home practice. Preschool to Grades 10.

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